SURVEY: Gen Z Calls for More Apps to Implement Interactive Live Video.

YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have taken the lead, but Gen Z is still of the opinion that interactive live video is underutilized.

This article summarizes the findings of a survey of 1,500 Gen Z consumers, which focused on their opinions about mobile app-based interactive live video.

Interactive live video refers to live-streaming video where the audience can interact with chat or emojis, and streamer(s) can respond to their audiences in real-time. These video solutions are being applied to a variety of fields within entertainment and business, offering up fresh ways of interacting with audiences, customers and fans.

The key discovery was that entertainment and social media apps are the frontrunners in interactive live video. Yet, when asked which app categories are not utilizing interactive live video to its fullest potential, 2-in-5 (42%) said entertainment apps and an equal number (41%) said the same for social apps. Shopping apps were identified as underutilizing it by 30%, while education (29%), healthcare (26%) and workplace (25%) apps were mentioned as well.

To sum up, Gen Z is eager to see more interactive live video experiences incorporated into the apps they use and believe the current implementations can be improved.

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