The B2B Future Shopper Report 2023

The B2 B Future Shopper 2023 brochure image white background

A recent survey of over 2,250 B2B buyers worldwide suggests that a major revolution is on the horizon for the B2B buying experience. A significant 67% of respondents expressed their desire to conduct online purchases through avatars in the metaverse. Although this may sound futuristic, it highlights the fact that B2B buyers crave a seamless blend of physical and digital interactions similar to what B2C shoppers enjoy. While the metaverse represents the future, B2B sellers need to take immediate action.

This report aims to help businesses understand the needs and aspirations of their B2B customers. It provides valuable insights and practical advice on how to meet these expectations, whether by partnering with marketplaces, optimizing mobile sites, or exploring opportunities in the metaverse. By reading this report, businesses can gain knowledge about where B2B buyers seek inspiration, conduct searches, and make purchases. It also sheds light on their pain points and evolving needs. By implementing the insights and advice presented, businesses can shape and execute a leading omnichannel strategy, thereby strengthening their connection with customers and increasing transactions across all channels, both now and in the future.

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